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Our Services

Emergency Repairs

Even the best roof can fall victim to severe weather, fallen trees, and other unforeseeable events. Experience total piece of mind with our Emergency Repair Service. When an emergency occurs with your roof, it is our number one goal to help minimize the damage without interrupting your daily business operations. Simply give us a call at (207) 262-5818 and our experienced professionals will perform a thorough inspection of the damage and have your roof back to normal within 48 hours.

Maintenance Contracts

Just like your automobile and equipment, a roof is no exception to needing some TLC every now and again. A more cost-effective way to proactively manage your roof is through periodic maintenance. Not only does it save your business money, but it also protects your investment by increasing the overall service life of your roof system. Our crew will comprehensively survey your roof, take pictures, and make recommendations towards an effective periodic maintenance plan. Our contracts are documented and go above and beyond the warranty conditions of your roof’s manufacturer warranty.

Snow Removal

Remember the ice storm of 1998? We all know just how unpredictable and severe a Maine winter can be. Low slope roof systems and heavy snow puts a dangerous level of stress on the structural integrity of your roof. Heavy snowfall can also cause damage to electrical conduits, natural or propane gas lines, water or fluid pipes, and other rooftop accessories. G.R. Roofing Co., Inc. offers roof shoveling, snow removal, and ice dam removal/protection during the winter months to help eliminate the threat of major leaks and repairs. Take action before the snow arrives by giving us a call to talk about your snow removal plan today.

Asbestos Abatement

GR Roofing Company is a licensed Roofing and Siding Abatement company. 

How much will this cost?

This is usually the first question we are asked about our roofing services. We provide a thorough inspection and estimate before beginning any job because so many features of your roof make it unique.

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Problem Roofs Our Specialty!

Call Today: 207-262-5818